Operation Redwings Navy SEALs

The Heroes

Ground SEAL Team

(Personnel on board the Chinook Helicopter killed during the rescue attmept)


U.S Army Nightstalkers:

  • Shamus O. Goare, 29, Danville, Oh.
  • Corey J. Goodnature, 35, Clarks Grove, Mn.
  • Kip A. Jacoby, 21, Pompano Beach, Fla.
  • Marcus V. Muralles, 33, Shelbyville, Ind.
  • James W. Ponder III, 36, Franklin, Tenn.
  • Stephen C. Reich, 34, Washington Depot, Ct.
  • Michael Russell, 31, Stafford, Va.
  • Chris J. Scherkenbach, 40, Jacksonville, Fla.

Please see the link below for bios on all of the heroes of Operation Redwing.

The Heroes of Operation Redwing

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