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Dallas Newspaper Interview with Marcus Luttrell

danny dietz

Retired SEAL Marcus Luttrell is in the midst of a full-blown media tour as he promotes the film, “Lone Survivor.” Great book. Good movie. Luttrell is a big dude. Not ripped, but it looks like he could pretty much end you if he wanted. On Wednesday at an office in Dallas, he was joined by his wife Melanie, and their service ...

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Inside the Making of ‘Lone Survivor’

lone survivor movie trailer

Two days before production began on ‘Lone Survivor,’ former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell surprised the cast and crew by walking unannounced onto the Albuquerque SWAT rifle range, dialing in a 5.56x45mm Mark 12 rifle, and firing at a target. The film’s director, Peter Berg, was putting the actors through live-fire training in the high-desert mountains – a stand-in for Afghanistan’s ...

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Marcus Luttrell Shares His Story With 60 Minutes

Navy SEALs from Operation Redwing - Lone Survivor

One of the most extraordinary stories of bravery to emerge from the war in Afghanistan began when a four-man Navy SEAL team found themselves badly outnumbered in a long and vicious firefight. Only one of the SEALs survived. His name is Marcus Luttrell, and tonight you’ll hear his account of a mission that went horribly wrong after he says his ...

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Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor Uniform Displayed

marcus luttrell uniform

It’s difficult to even imagine the firefight in Afghanistan that led to one of the largest single-day loss of life in Navy SEAL history, but on Glenn Beck’s radio program Thursday viewers were among the first to see the battle in a completely different light. Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell was the only American to survive the ambush and wrote ...

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As The Clock Ticks, U.S. Forces Scale Back Afghan Goals


As the American military winds down its efforts in Afghanistan, grand plans for nation building are giving way to limited, practical steps: building up the Afghan forces and denying the Taliban key terrain, especially the approaches to Kabul. About an hour south of the capital Kabul, one Green Beret team returned to a village where American forces had pulled out. ...

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Marcus Luttrell Speaks to Audience in Pennsylvania

Marcus Luttrell

When Marcus Luttrell arrived for active duty in Afghanistan in 2005, his brother Morgan said, “Don’t go easy.” “I said, ‘I won’t,'” Luttrell recalled. He didn’t. Luttrell is sole survivor of Operation Red Wings, an operation to disrupt anti-Coalition militia in Afghanistan’s Kunar Province and eliminate Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. >> Read Complete Article

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Man Convicted for the Killing of Marcus Luttrell’s Dog

marcus luttrell and DASY

The Hunstville Item December 2, 2011 Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell still feels upset about the shooting death of his service dog DASY almost three years after the fact. When the local war hero took the stand Thursday in the cruelty to non-livestock animals trial of Alfonso Hernandez, one of the two accused in the case, Luttrell said he was ...

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