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In addition to Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor book there have been numerous excellent books written about and by Navy SEALs over the years. I have attempted to compile a list, in no particular order, of some of the best ones available.

What is your favorite Navy SEALs book? Send me a message and let me know to add it to the list if you don’t see it.


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  1. I dont see Robert’s Ridge.

    It is about :

    The Battle of Takur Ghar was a short but intense military engagement between United States special operations forces and Taliban insurgents fought in March 2002, atop Takur Ghar mountain, Afghanistan. For the U.S. side, the battle proved the deadliest entanglement of Operation Anaconda, an effort early in the war in Afghanistan to rout Taliban forces from the Shahi-Kot Valley and Arma Mountains. The battle saw three helicopter landings by the U.S. on the mountain top, each greeted by direct assault from Taliban forces. Although Takur Ghar was eventually taken, eight U.S. service members were killed and many wounded. In honour of the first casualty of the battle, Navy SEAL Neil C. Roberts, the battle is also known as the Battle of Roberts Ridge.

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