Marcus Luttrell

Two Men Sentenced for the Killing of Marcus Luttrell’s Dog

A New Waverly, TX  man will spend the next two years in a state jail facility for his role in the shooting death of a local war hero’s dog in 2009.

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  1. Just read a sample of your book. Heard about you and your dog and that broke my heart. Did not put it all together till just now. I live in the big city of Montgomery I am sure you have heard of it. JUST writing to say Thanks for all you have done for me. I have read several books by Vince Young and I know they a not about real people so to read your book I will know its about young men that any could be my son. God bless you and all for everything they are doing for us. Would love to give you,ll a big hug in kiss from an old east Texas grandmother. Bless your family and thank them for what they have given also.
    Jane Barnes

  2. I just viewed the video of Glenn Beck interviewing Marcus about the SCUMBAGS that killed his dog…. I could tell the way Marcus described the incident he chased them & his thoughts of killing them for what they had done … For those who killed his dog should be given the maximum punishment also as further punishment have to stand on a corner in the town where Marcus lives with a large sign the reads I KILLED MARCUS’S DOG . I HOPE JUSTICE IS WELL SERVED WHEN THE JUDGE PASSES SENTENCE … Bless Marcus & his family ….

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