Mark Wahlberg to portray Marcus Luttrell in Lone Survivor Movie

Mark Wahlberg Speaks about Lone Survivor Movie

In a  recent interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer actor Mark Wahlberg, who portrays Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell in the upcoming Lone Survivor movie, spoke briefly about his experiences during filming.

“It was a physically demanding movie,” says the actor, who shot Lone Survivor in the mountains of New Mexico, which doubled for the peaks of Sawtalo Sar and Gatigal Sar. “And we felt a lot of responsibility in making sure that we did Marcus and those guys some justice . . . .

“And Marcus was there, and a lot of the team guys, the SEALs guys that trained us, were there. So it wasn’t like we could phone it in.”


  1. New Mex is a great locations to mirror the actual AO of Redwings. I imagine filming must be overlapping into the Manzano range? I am sure Mr Wahlberg will bring his usual professionalism and dedication to his portrayal of Marcus Luttrell-228-. Out

  2. I sure hope they make the majority of the battle sequences take more from SAVING PRIVATE RYAN , ZERO DARK, BHD, etc…. Not movies made by john woo w/ endless magazines lol

  3. Hey Marky Mark,

    What happen to the Shooter 2? Come on guy, let’s have a sequel to Bobby Lee Swagger, we’ve got plenty of dirty political figures to get rid of in Washington D.C. and other places too.

  4. Wahlberg has NO BUSINESS making any movie with guns when he speaks out against the constitution and 2nd Amend. Being a staunch supporter of ANTI GUN politics maybe he should stick with Mary Poppins or move to another country LIKE the UK. No guns there, No body guards and lets see how he feels about things.

  5. An amazing movie! Powerful, moving, shows the reality of war. While we all sit in our Starbucks, playing on our Pc’s, IPads and such, we have these men fighting a war that’s not ours to fight… I thinking the movie was amazing – I support our military! I feel the pain and loss each family member who has lost a loved one to war… I think Mark Wahlberg along with the other actors did an amazing job!

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