Danny Dietz and Maria Dietz

Maria Dietz Intervew

Maria (Patsy) Dietz is the widow of Operation Redwings hero Danny Dietz, killed in action during Operation Redwings in 2005. The daughter of a SEAL Team member and a Navy veteran herself, Maria and Danny met in 2002 and had three wonderful years together before tragedy separated them.

Today, Patsy is committed to keeping Danny’s memory alive through various organizations and fundraisers. This e-mail interview was conducted in January 2012. I’d like to thank Maria for taking the time to answer the following questions about a true American hero….U.S. Navy SEAL Danny Dietz.

LoneSurvivor.net: Where are you from originally? Danny Dietz and Maria Dietz
Patsy Dietz: I am originally from Spain. My father who is an Active duty SEAL and my mother met in Spain. At the age of 18, after high school, I decided to join the Navy and went into Boot camp in 2000.

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  1. I recognize the pain and sense of loss as my children’s cousin was ET 1 Jeffrey Alan Lucas
    SEAL TEAM 10 lost on QRF Helo.

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