US Black Ops in Afghan War: License to Kill Taliban

The Wikileak documents confirmed the existence of a US black ops team in the Afghan war, US Task Force 373. The US has attempted to conceal the existence of this elite unit even from allies engaged in Afghanistan.

Comprising Delta Force and Navy Seals commandos (and perhaps other special forces recruits), it focuses on either targeted killing of high-value Al Qaeda and Taliban operatives in Afghanistan or capturing them alive.



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  1. Richard Pipenhagen

    Book is a riveting and compelling depiction of remarkable bravery. I have a 32 year old son that I insist read this as I know he too will be engaged and it will change him for the better as it did me. God Bless those 4 in and associated with Operation Redwing and all of our troops before and since in all wars fought to provide us with the safety and freedom we so take for granted! I pray we once again gain an administration in DC that understands sacrifice, dedication and the price for freedom here in the USA. And the importance of trained, dedicated troops abroad to keep the fight on their soil!

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